The DH and Money

The Designated Hitter is coming to the MLB’s National League in 2022. Is that a good thing?


Do you like your money? I know that MLB owners do, but according to, teams with the DH spend 12 million dollars more than teams that don’t have it. The DH is the player that bats for the pitcher, but there is no DH in the National League. In 2020, the pandemic ridden season, the universal DH and other rules were implemented in the MLB by commissioner Rob Manfred. In 2021 it wasn’t there, but it could be back. 


According to sports reporter Bob Nightengale, “…but beginning in 2022, under a new collective bargaining agreement, the universal DH will be here to stay. (In the National League)” The DH has been in the American League since 1973, yet the National League has never had it.  In my opinion, a DH is crazy! The pitcher will just pitch and pitch and they won’t bat. The players will field and field, but they will hit. 


But the question is, do the fans like it?  According to Tyler Poelker, a student at Wydown Middle School, “I don’t want the universal DH. Because planning around pitchers’ batting has always been a part of the game.” 

But Craig Sucher, the baseball coach at Clayton High School has some different thoughts on the issue. He thinks injuries with pitchers will go down and the game will be more exciting.  It is a controversial  issue, but I still believe that the DH should not be in the National League. It will lower how much money teams pay players and makes the game more strategic. 

Photo by Josh Hemsley on Unsplash