Is the School Curriculum Needed?


Have you ever wondered why we learn what we learn in school? The teachers that have been teaching us have been given certain guidelines to teach by. These guidelines are also known as the curriculum. And as far as curricula go, Clayton has a good one. But could there be more? Should there be more opportunities for students to explore areas of personal interest? Like more advanced topics or a different subject palette. Either way, the curriculum could bring up a variety of changes or debates. 

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Should we leave the Power to One Place?

As said in the article FindLaw: The Roles of Parents and Local Government in Education (Link Below), the curriculum is decided by our local board of education. Although adults do have authority, knowledge, and power over us young, are they necessarily correct? Adults don’t always understand what they want or need. Perhaps have a kid’s view on the situation like a kid representative on the board, come to have a more balanced approach. On the other hand, teachers who have more experience with youth could understand what we need and what we are missing out on. As Tucker Abeles, a 7th-grade student said, “No, I think that teachers should have more control. The Board of Education has been taught differently but that is in the past. Students learn differently now than they did back then.”

FindLaw: The Roles of Parents and Local Government in Education.


Could There be Other Options?

As all of us know at Wydown, we have elective classes that we get to choose and others are mandatory. Although this is a good set of guidelines, we could expand them further. We know that in College you get to choose all of your classes and in High School, you can drop out but why not expand those boundaries further and let us choose all of our classes in Middle School? It would help us develop good critical thinking skills which will be useful later in life as well as good common sense. “One of the reasons I came to Clayton was because of the creative curriculum,” said Mr. Holmes, the  Exploratorium teacher, and Advisor for The Y. 

Do we need it?

This decision will come down to the people of Wydown. Are the borders too restricting or should we contain the chaos better? As Abeles said, “Mostly. There is some stuff you need like math for percentages and tax.”

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