The Best Underrated Board Games


Do you like games? Well, right here we have 5 fun underrated board/card games (well… according to us). From dice rolling, to dodgeball, we have all the best. 


  1. Kingdomino

In this fun strategy, map-making game you will place tiles to build your kingdom. In the end, whoever has built the biggest and best kingdom wins the game.


  1. Farkle

In this dice-rolling, push-your-luck game, there are laughs for the whole family. You can risk it for all the glory, but at any point in the game, you can Farkle, and lose it all. 


  1. Outburst

In this game of lists, you must race against the clock to find out the top 10 in each category that you draw. You can play this game as a team or just against one other person, but no matter what, the clock is always ticking.


  1. Labyrinth

In this maze-making game, you will have to maneuver the board, to collect all of the pieces you need. From finding gold beatles to treasure chests, this game will always have you on your toes.


  1. Throw Throw Burrito

While you play Throw Throw Burrito, you have to be fast with cards and even faster with your reaction time. You get matches with rhyming animal cards such as “Floaty Goaty”, but you always have to be ready for a “Burrito War”! The sequel game is also available, called “Throw Throw Avocado,” which you can merge for a bonus game.


According to Money, Inc., the best-selling board game of all time is chess, with about 3 million games purchased every year. The chess market is estimated to be with more than $40 million just in North America. Here is a list of the best-selling board games of all time.

  1. Chess
  2. Checkers
  3. Backgammon
  4. Monopoly
  5. Scrabble
  6. Clue
  7. Trivial Pursuit
  8. Battleship
  9. Candyland
  10. The Game of Life

Story Photo by Nik Korba