Welcome to the Y! Wydown Middle School’s first online newsmagazine created entirely by students. The stories, the photos, the design – all done by budding journalists! They come together and have fun writing stories, taking photos, and laughing and joking while working. 

“I’m really excited about it,” said 7th grader Tucker Abeles, who serves as the publication’s editor-in-chief. “This is a chance to not only work on cooperation but creating something great with other students!”

You may ask, “What does the Y include?” The Y will not only include articles about Wydown, but about sports, world news, and even art and joke columns. While all the students come together to make a newsmagazine, they all have different interests, which are used to create the newspaper.

On Wednesday, September 28th, the Wydown Student newspaper, “The Y,”  for the first time. They met in the school library on the second floor of the Wydown Middle School building. They used this meeting to introduce new members, and show them how to be a part of the staff. 

The concept for an online student newsmagazine originated last year when Exploratorium teacher (and former high school journalism teacher) Chris Holmes first proposed the club. That first year involved working out several kinks, such as teaching journalism without a class and generating content without the incentive of a grade.

“Last year was a learning curve for me,” said Mr. Holmes. “I had to figure out how to help students produce exciting stories and quality photos without the opportunity to actually teach journalism. But thanks to an outstanding core of student editors, including Abeles and co-production managers Andrew Konradi and Nicholas Kaikati, we’ve figured it out. I can’t wait to see where they take this!” 

But they aren’t the only three working on the project. We interviewed several members on why they wanted to join. Kevin Guo, a 7th grader, shares his interest. “It’s fun writing stories,” he says. “It’s a great atmosphere.” 

Annalise Yorg, a 6th grader photographer loves the club too. “I joined the Y mostly for the Photography and podcasting, and for the creative outlook,” she says.

Another 7th-grade student, Oliver Kalwerisky, proclaimed, “I’m interested in The Y because I would like to have fun doing a student newspaper.”

Overall, The Y hopes to have new content created every week. Enjoy!