Behind The Scenes Of The Fall Play

Edie Schaumburg and Ella Ambler, members of the theatre department’s tech crew, work on painting the set of the fall play. They are two of more than three dozen students who work behind the scenes, to make productions possible. (Photo by Kaya Clement-Bayard)
Six fall play cast members wait outside the fitness room for their cue to enter the stage. Sometimes actors will work behind the scenes in other productions. Pictured from left to right are Clara Snyder, Julia Kavanaugh, Jonah Macanufo, Owen Brown, Lucinda Lloyd, and Eli Lorenz. (Photo by Annalise Yorg)

When it comes to concerts, sporting events, and theatre productions, it’s usually the main players who get all the attention. The musicians. The athletes. The actors. But there is a silent army working behind the scenes of every event making it possible for the “celebrities” to do their thing. Wydown’s fall play, Once Upon a Pandora’s Box, serves as a perfect example.

More than three dozen students, sixth graders through eighth graders, contribute to tech, sound, costumes, and more to ensure that theatre productions are successful. Adam Keller is one of those students who work with sound.

“We pretty much do everything that you hear during the play,” he says. “We get to do the sound effects and put them into a program to play them during the show. We get to run the mics on a big soundboard thing, too.”

It’s a lot of responsibility, especially for a middle school student, and Adam is well aware of the pressure involved in getting things right. “Sometimes you miss time the sound or press the wrong button, which I did last year.” But that’s how you learn, and now Adam returns as a more experienced eighth grader.